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Digital signal-processing system with anti-aliasing

In this circuit, a MAX274 provides a front-end 10-kHz low-pass filter to a digital signal-processing (DSP) system. Signals between dc and 10 kHz are digitized by a 12-bit sampling MAX167 A/D. The DSP processor receives samples at a rate of 48 kHz. The input signal is filtered by a MAX274 that is configured as a 10-kHz 8th-order Butterworth low-pass filter. Signals above 24 kHz (the Nyquist frequency) are attenuated 60 dB. Additional rolloff in the incoming signal reduces potential alias frequencies below the theoretical 74-dB noise floor of the 12-bit system. Maxim, 1992, Applications and Product Highlights, p. 7-4.
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